Did You Know that Waiting is Part of Praying?

Rev. January’s message on Sunday was “Wait on the Lord.”  To me, this is the most challenging part of praying.  Waiting.

Waiting means silent listening and sensing God.  The definition of wait means “be ready.”

  • You should always anticipate an answer from God
  • Being ready makes you prepared
  • Every prayer has an assigned time

“Sometimes when we’re waiting for God to speak, He’s waiting for us to listen.” – May Kay Ash

“Delays are not denials, but only a waiting for the best time to come, for the fruits to ripen, for the soul to be prepared.” – Unknown

I shared that to let you know that waiting is part of prayer.  And if you’re like, it is one of the most challenging.  Also know that you may not like the answer you get to your prayer, but if you listen, you will get an answer.