Children Are Geniuses

Photo Removed to Protect A Child

I gave my little sister an old poster for her creative ventures.  In my adult mind, she was going to make a personal poster, a Hannah Montana collage or a fashion design project.  That was not so.

She called me into her space and told me to trace her full body.  Huh?  So, I did what she asked.  About 30 minutes later, she came out with a full-sized image of her “twin,” Makala.  This child had cut out the tracing, colored it, gave her a face and 2 puffy ponytails along with a name!  That was absolutely genius!  I mean, who would have thought?  I was impressed and proud!

The genius of the imagination of children!  More adults should use theirs and we may not have the high levels of stress we experience these days.