I Need to Practice What I Preach

I was speaking with a client today about how she should brand herself.  The best way for her to brand herself is to become known as an instructional business, which is perfect for what she is doing. After that conversation, instruction started weighing heavy on my mind.  Maybe that is what I am supposed to […]

I Have Something Somebody Needs

I have a knowledge, skills and wisdom.  I know that somebody needs something I have.  I’ve been knowing that for a long time; however, I never took it to heart until I read Cash In A Flash by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen. That is the most amazing book I am going to […]

I Feel Great News Coming On

I am going to move forward in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition. Although I have not received “official” word, I just know it.  Actually, I’m going to win 1st Place, but there are several stages in this process. I’ll just be patient. First, I worked with the professionals at the Women’s Business Development Center […]

My Journalism Career

If it were not for the Independent Bulletin newspaper, I would have no journalism career.  I thank God for Hurley Green for allowing me to be a consistent contributor. This got me to thinking.  At what point did I stop focusing on journalism?  I think blogging overtook me and I ran with it.  Now, I […]

The Write Design is Almost Done!

I was having an issue with my Write Design blog.  It was really giving me the flux.  I stepped back, checked out some resources on WordPress, and added the one mark that corrected everything.  I am soooooo happy. Now, I just have a few more things to do on the website, and I’ll be ready […]