My Writing Assignments Are Going Well

I am a journalist for How They Living Ain’t No Joke, the baby of George and Peytyn Willborn.  Quite exciting. Also, I am editing True Elegance Magazine.  OK, I only did two stories.  Just know that the ones that are grammatically correct and easy to read are mine. I contributed to our church’s history book […]

Make NO Small Moves

This advice was given to me by Zondra Hughes, author of Living The Ebony Life, editor at N’Digo MagaPaper, and my new writing coach.  She shared this with me as I shared my writing goals with her.  Essentially, the main thing I need right now is someone to report my progress to.  I’m always writing, […]

Writing Ego or Free Fatigue

I don’t know if I’m developing a writing ego or if I’m just tired of people asking me to write and edit for free. Whichever it is, I’m feeling something. Allow me to explain. I went to an organization to request resources for my Shorty Resource blog.  The person I spoke to told me that […]

Why My Business Plan Didn’t Move Forward

I have great news! I found out why my business plan didn’t move forward in the competition. I am proud to share that it wasn’t because of the writing or the content.  I was told that the financials were outstanding, and the writing was excellent (I wrote it myself. :)). It didn’t move forward because […]

I’ll Be Blogging Live from Events

I attended two political forums today to educate myself on politics.  They were great.  At the forum sponsored by 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins, A LOT of politicians appeared.  I was upset because I had to leave. The second event was a discussion between the candidates running for the Cook County president seat held at […]

I’m About to Shut My Mouth

So, I started working on my confidence by video recording messages to my friends. In the process, I created a message to Tiger Woods requesting an interview. I was trying to make it 12 seconds so it could be my first post on 12 seconds TV. I told someone near to me what I did. […]

People See So Much In Me

Why can’t I see it? Last week someone told me that she was going to talk to her friend who is a producer about me.  I asked her for what. Duh!!!!  Writing for a movie. A couple months ago I was sharing a book idea with someone, and she told me to let her know […]

My Biz Plan Did Not Advance To Next Stage

My plan did not advance to the next stage in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition.  That is OK, because the blessing was actually finishing a business plan.  That put me farther  ahead with As NOT Seen on TV than I would have been. First of all, I was looking for stories to post, and […]