Things I Hate

  Right now, I’m in a real pissy mood and I really need to express things that I hate or I’m going to pop. First, I hate it when people want you to respond immediately to their needs but could give a damn about yours. I have a buddy who was supposed to do something […]

I’m Only INTO My People Right Now

I have been getting referrals to interview people who are doing great things.  I love seeing people in their glory, working their purpose.  But, at this time, I am only interested in interviewing people I know.  It’s not that those people are irrelevant.  It’s just that…well, I know so many people in my immediate circle […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

Today, I got the most blessed advice from someone regarding my business.  I am totally excited. BUT, earlier in the day, I gave a couple resources to someone who is doin’ his thang with photography.  I knew a little bit, so I shared it. I just felt that the information I received was a result […]

Prayer Needed

Last night my friend was a victim of home invasion.  She was working when two guys kicked in her front door.  She was home alone; her son was at work.  One of the guys was the father of a young lady he used to date.  In fact, her son saw the dude standing on a […]

I’m On to Something

I spent two hours on the phone with Dante Hamilton, the leader of the Chicago WordPress Meetup for assistance. During that time, I not only learned that I need to learn more about WordPress, I also learned a way to make money from The Write Design Company – right now. All I have to do […]