Random Ramblings from Shorty

I thank God for people in my life who support me in my endeavors.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of listening to me rant and rave about a whole lot of things they don’t understand, but they encourage me anyway. As I near financial independence with The Write Design Company, I get overly excited.  I […]

Shorty’s On A Roll

So much has been going on. I am going to start blogging live from events starting this month.  While I don’t know what will happen at the Internet Retailers Conference next week – and I’m not really concerned – I have to get started. This is the only way I can prove that my service […]

I Have My Marketing Assistance

God really does answer prayer.  Mr. Lucas from the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center told me to contact Dequiana Brooks from Inspired Graphics Media to make a connection.  It was a blessing. She is helping me with my live blogging service which is going to be a hit after I select a target market.  As for […]

Progress Report

I have completed fan pages for Shorty and As NOT Seen on TV on FaceBook.  Woo hoo! I inquired about a class I was advised to take to start a TV show.  I pray to have that going by April depending on the class and topics covered.  I already have the title. GoShorty TV is […]

Progress Report

God is good.  Got my brochures for The Write Design Company today.  They look nice!  I requested some sample bags from Bags N Bows.  Now, all I have to is get more business cards.  That should be done tomorrow. I created a quick postcard for Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.  The theme for the […]

More Good Stuff Happening

1. Started reading Three Feet From Gold.  Highly  motivational.  One of the main keys to success is not quitting. 2. I shared my research idea with a fellow Toastmaster, and she advised to me look out for research grants. 3. Journalist and blogger, Maureen Jenkins, advised me to scale back on the topics I said […]

I’m On to Something

I spent two hours on the phone with Dante Hamilton, the leader of the Chicago WordPress Meetup for assistance. During that time, I not only learned that I need to learn more about WordPress, I also learned a way to make money from The Write Design Company – right now. All I have to do […]

I Need to Practice What I Preach

I was speaking with a client today about how she should brand herself.  The best way for her to brand herself is to become known as an instructional business, which is perfect for what she is doing. After that conversation, instruction started weighing heavy on my mind.  Maybe that is what I am supposed to […]