I Am Doing Me

  I posted on my status updates that I was rejected by a publication and I thought that was great news.  My friend asked me if my LinkedIn was personal or professional. I told him professional. He felt that my comment was personal. I disagree. First of all, it shows that I am making efforts […]

Go Ahead…It’s OK to Cry

People mistake tears for weakness.  Sometimes you have to have a big, hearty cry for emotional and spiritual cleansing.  It’s OK to breakdown, have a fit and release all your frustrations as long as the pity party ends.  And when it’s over, you will  either be heavy or walking on air because the weight has […]

Shorty’s Breakthrough: I Am Cleaning

Yes, I am actually removing clutters of papers that I have allowed to overtake my personal space.  Do you realize how much stuff you keep because you think you’re going to need it at some point? I’m about to scan it and get rid of it. I am also cleaning emotionally.  During my 40 day […]

Make NO Small Moves

This advice was given to me by Zondra Hughes, author of Living The Ebony Life, editor at N’Digo MagaPaper, and my new writing coach.  She shared this with me as I shared my writing goals with her.  Essentially, the main thing I need right now is someone to report my progress to.  I’m always writing, […]

I Know What’s Wrong With Me

After having a discussion with my Improv instructor, I finally have an answer to what’s been ailing me for the past few months. I am trying to break out of the box that I have been placed in all my life. So, even though I am damned near old as Methuselah, I am holding tight […]