What Great Friends I Have….

I have a friend who wants to buy a truck instead of a house for his family.  During our last conversation, he said that he was going to buy it because he’s tired of his kids whining and complaining about touching each other.  My response to his decision is: “Dude, I don’t care what you […]

Children Are Geniuses

Photo Removed to Protect A Child I gave my little sister an old poster for her creative ventures.  In my adult mind, she was going to make a personal poster, a Hannah Montana collage or a fashion design project.  That was not so. She called me into her space and told me to trace her […]

Keyed Car Story

While I leaving the bank the other day, a young lady pulled up and was staring at me. I guess it was because I was staring in her direction.   Why did her SUV have “whore” keyed on it? I stared longer than expected because I wanted to make sure I was seeing what I thought […]

The Wait and Weight of Promise

The Wait and Weight of Promise was Reverend January’s sermon topic today, and he was speaking to me.  He shared how Abraham and Sarah were waiting trying to have a baby, and she finally delivered at 89 or 90 years old (I forgot which age). Because Sarah didn’t believe she would have a baby even […]

Random Ramblings from Shorty

I thank God for people in my life who support me in my endeavors.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of listening to me rant and rave about a whole lot of things they don’t understand, but they encourage me anyway. As I near financial independence with The Write Design Company, I get overly excited.  I […]

Update on Shorty

Started taking my Graphic and Web Design at the Computer Training Source.  I’ve taken HTML and Illustrator.  I’m really digging Adobe.  I’m praying for a FREE 15″ Mac Book Pro and Adobe CS5 Master Suite.  That would be sweet. I was in my first Improv performance at The Playground.  It was interesting because everyone at […]