What the Hell?

I am writing this particular post because I know the person will never read this. My girl asked me to write a resume for her.  That was no problem even though I hate doing them; she’s my girl.  I told her to write down everything she’s done in all of her positions.  We had the […]

God is Good!

My graphic and web design classes have been approved for classes through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).   Know what that means?  It means that my creativity will be taken to a new level which is the perfect complement to my writing skills.  AND, it will help my social media skills, too.  I just don’t know […]


Ok, the ideas just keep rolling in.  I’m going to need a scroll to keep up with everything. Although I cannot do it right now as I need to continue to focus on my writing business and two blogs, I am certain that things will fall into place as they have done so up this […]

I Am in A Medium State of Frustration

I want to write something so badly on one of my blogs, but I don’t know how my readers will react to it.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good.  It’s merely an observation, but  I know something will be said. Also, adding to my frustration is the fact that I actually care about what […]

OK, I’m Sick

I was checking my updates from Every Block Chicago when I ran across this story about a 17 year old having sex with an 8-year-old child.  I cannot worry about grammatical errors as I write this; I can only pray through the tears that are falling. Read at your own risk: http://www.suntimes.com/news/24-7/1998723,sex-assault-teen-charged-011910.article Otherwise, take my […]

I Want This Voice Recorder!

My list of wants is rapidly growing. I mentioned this on my other Shorty blog last year, and I am saying it again – I WANT THIS VOICE RECORDER!  It is an Olympus DS-61. My current recorder is cool, but it’s time to upgrade. For anyone who is reading this post and actually cares, I […]

Prayer Needed

Last night my friend was a victim of home invasion.  She was working when two guys kicked in her front door.  She was home alone; her son was at work.  One of the guys was the father of a young lady he used to date.  In fact, her son saw the dude standing on a […]