Working for FREE is NOT an Option

I went to a professional association meeting last night and saw a leader of another local organization. She told said, “Sometimes you have to work for free…” I so sick of hearing that shit, I don’t know what to do. When I met the leader of that association, he said the same thing. I told […]

Don’t Touch My Stuff

I don’t like people touching my stuff. I used to think I suffered from the only child syndrome of “this is mine, don’t touch it.” I now know that I feel the way I do because are just inconsiderate.  Some are just selfish and self-centered.  Ugh! And, people would NEVER take care of your stuff […]

People Leave a Lot to be Desired

Yesterday I sent an Update from Marcie to let my people know what I’m doing and some of the needs I have for my business journey.  As you know, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed and I’m ready to eat!!!  Anyway, someone wished me well on my progress and then sent me information about her […]

I Wish People Would Just Shut Up and Do Something

I hear a lot of people complaining about things amongst their peers.  This is OK, if it’s just an observation, and you move on.  However, if there is something festering, and you feel something more needs to be done, do it! Generally speaking, the issue you’re discussing is the one you’re most passionate about. It […]

My Neighbors are Getting Ridiculous

I’m trying to be a nice person.  I’m trying to be the bigger person.  But, my neighbors to the north are fucking pissing me off.  First of all, it is two years later and we are still in court for the tree that was destroying my property. Now, I  come home tonight and my basement […]

Shorty’s Screams: Telephone Companies

I hate when AT&T asks me if I want to add more services to my already high ass phone bill.  That’s ridiculous.  The phone plan is $30 plus and the internet service is $20 or something. After taxes and other unidentifiable fees, my bill is over $70 and the only service I really use is […]