Having Faith is NOT Easy

I am so close to my goals. I just know it.  The Write Design Company is going to take off really soon.  Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource is a close second. I just need a little marketing assistance to get me there.  I’m actually getting it, but until it comes to fruition, I just have […]

People Get Real Shitty Over E-mail

Yet, they say things and approach you a way they probably wouldn’t in person. There is a person who I have the utmost respect for a professional and colleague. She always reviews my writings when I request her assistance. So, when she asks me to write comments on her blogs, I have no problems.  Well, […]

Ok, I’m Ready

I’ve been on some major bullshit and I’m so over it.  I have been wasting time trying to figure out why I do not like speaking in front of a camcorder instead of just flowing.  I can do this.  I don’t know what I’m afraid of.  It’s so stupid.  I wonder how many steps ahead […]

I’m In It to Win

I have a dope webcam that takes photos! Last year I was so excited about entering the Miller Coors Business Plan writing competition.  I was even more elated about completing a business plan for my blog, As NOT Seen on TV. While that’s all fine and dandy, I’m ready to win this year. I have […]

I Am So Excited!

Is this a happy face or what? I am so excited.  I think I have a marketing professional who will help me sell my live blogging service.  We connected yesterday and she seems to be open to help me.  I was honest by telling her I had no money right now, but I’m willing to […]

Shorty Says: Things Needed

I have realized that putting things in the Universe and on social media and blogs yield great results.  Therefore, I am posting my need list more for spiritual purposes than anything. Heavy-duty shredder – I need a $100+ shredder for half the price Gym shoes – size 8 Dresses – size 4 Mac Book Pro […]

My Graphic and Web Design Classes Started

I am really elated right now.  I started my graphic and web design classes.  I took HTML this week.  I’ll be taking Illustrator on next week.  I can’t wait to learn Flash.  I am going to have Shorty dancing across the screen. I would also like to repair old photos.  Not just for monetary purpose, […]

So Much Good Stuff Going On

First, I will be taking Adobe classes through the Workforce Investment Act.  What does that mean?  FREE! Second, I am going to start researching my target market for The Write Design Company tomorrow.  There are un-tapped markets waiting for me. Third, I’m enjoying comedy writing more this session.  I think it is because we have […]

Adding Graphic/Web Design to My Skillset

I can officially enroll in my graphic/web design classes.  I am so excited!  I will have Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver skills by the end of the summer.  Woo hoo! Picture my resume: Writing Blogging Photography Videography Photoshop Dreamweaver Flash Dreamweaver Premiere WordPress What does this mean?  The better I get at all of these […]