My Neglect of My Site

Yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting my site.  It is not intentional.  I have bee working on laying the foundation for The Write Design Company and working to make Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource relevant.  This is no joke, but very necessary.  I have to work on making my dreams come true; otherwise, I […]

Shorty’s Progress

My interview with Chaka Khan is the cover story for N’Digo this week.  Check it out here. I am having the hardest time getting my book published from Blogapalooza.  There is always some technical glitch.  If I just knew I wasn’t close to where God would have me to be, I would probably freak out.  […]

Why People Can’t Progress Financially

I picked up a friend yesterday who was experiencing car troubles.  While driving home, he said that he was almost finished paying off two car notes, which I thought was a great blessing.  He then said, “I might buy that truck I want.”  I wanted to come to a screeching halt like Fred Flinstone and […]

Price vs. Value

I was having a conflict about what to charge for my blogging service.  Initially, I was setting my rates according to other people’s opinions about the economy.  That was not good.  I was going to charge at least $25 per hour less than what I really wanted to get paid. Fortunately,  I met with Lester […]

Gotta Stop Cursing

I told my little sister I would stop cursing, but I really don’t want to right now. But I will. I have to be a positive role model. And, if I hear her cursing I am almost certain I will be on channels 2,5,7,9 and FOX because old school traditions will kick in. So, to […]

I Am THE Billion Dollar Blogger

As of August 1, 2010, my new professional nickname is “Billion Dollar Blogger.”  This will be done through setting up and managing blogs, coaching and training. My event casting service will also contribute to my billion dollar status.  I will integrate blogging, live blogging, and social media and multimedia tools to make it all happen.  […]

Things I Hate

I hate when people argue with me about things I know that are absolutely true. I hate when people tell me things about me even though they have not a clue about me or what I do. I hate the parking meters in Chicago. I hate the low status of black people in America even […]