Skating or Sex??

Someone asked me if I would choose skating or sex? What the hell kind of question is that? The wheels will be there after the romance is over. And, being in my birthing years, having sex can take me off of my wheels and mess up years of practice and learning. WHEELS! WHEELS! WHEELS! Note: […]

It’s Official – I’m Bass Ackwards

While I already knew this, it only became painfully obvious when I started skating.  First of all, I skate better backward than forward.  Second, I skate better with my inner skate backward than outer.  For those who don’t know what backward  inner and outer skating mean, no worries.  Just know that it is normally more […]

Rollerskating is More Than Exercise

I love skating. My affection for the sport came about almost three years ago when my friend, Jenny, and I re-visited a blast from the past.  What started out as a weekly activity has turned into a piece of heaven for me. Rollerskating is a form of peace.  When I get on my wheels, nothing […]