A Sea of Uncertainty

I am sitting here wondering what is to come I work hard, I study but nothing tangible has appeared. My faith has me swimming in a sea of uncertainty. I say swimming because of the everything involved; Swimming is not for the lazy or faint of heart. I have to courage to go to 8 […]

Change is A-Coming

My reality today: If I had a closer to connection to my Father, all that stuff from people would not had been taken to heart.  What God says is what really matters, and what he’s saying to me is “It’s your time.”  I just know it.  But, I am wasting time questioning what other people […]

My Vision Board is Complete

I attended a vision board workshop on November 7th, and was overly-inspired by the experience. We were told to create a board that expresses things we want for our futures.  The sky was the limit.  You see that my board is full. My board shows my blogs ranking very high within the next 2 weeks.  […]