Progress Report

I have completed fan pages for Shorty and As NOT Seen on TV on FaceBook.  Woo hoo! I inquired about a class I was advised to take to start a TV show.  I pray to have that going by April depending on the class and topics covered.  I already have the title. GoShorty TV is […]

Progress Report

God is good.  Got my brochures for The Write Design Company today.  They look nice!  I requested some sample bags from Bags N Bows.  Now, all I have to is get more business cards.  That should be done tomorrow. I created a quick postcard for Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.  The theme for the […]

My Biz Plan Did Not Advance To Next Stage

My plan did not advance to the next stage in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition.  That is OK, because the blessing was actually finishing a business plan.  That put me farther  ahead with As NOT Seen on TV than I would have been. First of all, I was looking for stories to post, and […]

My Blogs Are Going to Be Da’ Bomb!

In addition to creating  niches for my blogs, I just read an article on Blogging Tips that advised to include humor and creativity.  I was already considering that for As NOT Seen on TV, but how would I do that with Shorty as a South Side Resource?  I suppose I can create short videos that […]

12 Seconds TV

I just signed up for 12 Seconds TV.  While I don’t fully know what this is supposed to do, but the thought of a 12 seconds is really cool and impactful.  Now, what can I do in 12 seconds??  Anyway, I think this will be cool for As NOT Seen on TV.  I’m going to […]

I Need A Creative Video Team

I would like to do a video segment for As NOT Seen on TV, and I need a creative video team.  I need a crew to help me come up with ideas; to get excited about my vision; and to help bring it to life.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Also, […]

I Feel Great News Coming On

I am going to move forward in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition. Although I have not received “official” word, I just know it.  Actually, I’m going to win 1st Place, but there are several stages in this process. I’ll just be patient. First, I worked with the professionals at the Women’s Business Development Center […]