6 Degrees of Separation or Fewer

It is believed that there is 6 degrees of separation between people you know.  I’d like to think that there are fewer degrees than that.  Let me tell you why.

Six degrees of separation

I had a meeting with someone on Friday.  She was telling me her background and experience.  She made a statement, and I started having flashbacks to a conversation I had with someone in a different venue over five years ago.  For the life of me, I don’t know how or why that memory came back to me at that time, but it did.

So, I shared this to say two things.

First, you don’t know who knows who, so it’s best not to talk about anybody in a bad way.  If you just feel the need to do so, make up a name.  Actually, it would be best to just be quiet.

Second, because I personally feel that there are fewer than six degrees of separation, I will meeting Steve Jobs or Bill Gates really soon.