Random Ramblings from Shorty

I thank God for people in my life who support me in my endeavors.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of listening to me rant and rave about a whole lot of things they don’t understand, but they encourage me anyway. As I near financial independence with The Write Design Company, I get overly excited.  I […]

Go Ahead…It’s OK to Cry

People mistake tears for weakness.  Sometimes you have to have a big, hearty cry for emotional and spiritual cleansing.  It’s OK to breakdown, have a fit and release all your frustrations as long as the pity party ends.  And when it’s over, you will  either be heavy or walking on air because the weight has […]

Question About Compliments

If someone gives you compliment but adds a sarcastic negative remark, is it still a compliment? I was told that I would reach my goal – it may take awhile – but I’ll get there.  Was that extra stuff really necessary? Anyway, this person called himself being positive and encouraging, but there was always a […]