I Wish People Would Just Shut Up and Do Something

I hear a lot of people complaining about things amongst their peers.  This is OK, if it’s just an observation, and you move on.  However, if there is something festering, and you feel something more needs to be done, do it! Generally speaking, the issue you’re discussing is the one you’re most passionate about. It […]

Having Faith is NOT Easy

I am so close to my goals. I just know it.  The Write Design Company is going to take off really soon.  Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource is a close second. I just need a little marketing assistance to get me there.  I’m actually getting it, but until it comes to fruition, I just have […]

My Neighbors are Getting Ridiculous

I’m trying to be a nice person.  I’m trying to be the bigger person.  But, my neighbors to the north are fucking pissing me off.  First of all, it is two years later and we are still in court for the tree that was destroying my property. Now, I  come home tonight and my basement […]

People Get Real Shitty Over E-mail

Yet, they say things and approach you a way they probably wouldn’t in person. There is a person who I have the utmost respect for a professional and colleague. She always reviews my writings when I request her assistance. So, when she asks me to write comments on her blogs, I have no problems.  Well, […]

Building Courage through History

I have been really gaining courage to communicate my thoughts on my blogs since reading The Reason Why the Colored American is Not In the World’s Columbian Exposition by Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass and two others.  It was deep reading, and they did not mind calling people out about the wrongs.  That’s love. I […]