Adding Graphic/Web Design to My Skillset

I can officially enroll in my graphic/web design classes.  I am so excited!  I will have Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver skills by the end of the summer.  Woo hoo! Picture my resume: Writing Blogging Photography Videography Photoshop Dreamweaver Flash Dreamweaver Premiere WordPress What does this mean?  The better I get at all of these […]

My Improv Challenge

In Improv you are always right.  However,  I found a way to make this untrue.  I have a problem with making statements because I ask a hell of a lot of questions. Now, I need to un-train myself on asking questions.  Who would have thought that would be such a huge challenge?  I’m beginning to […]

Americans Must Care for Themselves

As I read the story about the senator who refused to vote for the unemployment extension, I had two thoughts: What would he had done if he did not have a job; did not have a prospect for employment; and had to depend on government benefits to ensure that his basic needs of food and […]

God is Good!

My graphic and web design classes have been approved for classes through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).   Know what that means?  It means that my creativity will be taken to a new level which is the perfect complement to my writing skills.  AND, it will help my social media skills, too.  I just don’t know […]

Question About Trust

It is possible to trust someone professionally and not personally? I’ve connected with a guy who I mixed feelings about.  I like him, but there is something about him I don’t like.  I haven’t figured out what it is.  Anyway, because of his love of business, I know I can trust him professionally.  Due to […]