Random Thoughts from Shorty

Why are some gospel songs so long? I know the artist is feeling his/her work, but the listening audience is not having that same feeling. Are adults really smarter than 5th graders? I have encountered a lot of individuals with degrees that made me pose this question. Who owns Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking […]

Getting REEEAAAL Close to My Gold

I had the opportunity to share my business idea with a couple businessmen whose opinions I respect.  One person helped me flesh out my idea while the other helped to expand it.  The only thing I need to do now is stay seated for a full day to just work on my businesses. It’s a […]

Communication Breakdown

I talk a lot.  I write a lot.  But I think I messed up what could have been a cool relationship by not talking.  Although I care not to share my reasons for not speaking on this post, the recipient is quite aware. For some reason, though, I don’t think “they” got it. I think […]

I Know What’s Wrong With Me

After having a discussion with my Improv instructor, I finally have an answer to what’s been ailing me for the past few months. I am trying to break out of the box that I have been placed in all my life. So, even though I am damned near old as Methuselah, I am holding tight […]

Skating or Sex??

Someone asked me if I would choose skating or sex? What the hell kind of question is that? The wheels will be there after the romance is over. And, being in my birthing years, having sex can take me off of my wheels and mess up years of practice and learning. WHEELS! WHEELS! WHEELS! Note: […]


Ok, the ideas just keep rolling in.  I’m going to need a scroll to keep up with everything. Although I cannot do it right now as I need to continue to focus on my writing business and two blogs, I am certain that things will fall into place as they have done so up this […]

I Am in A Medium State of Frustration

I want to write something so badly on one of my blogs, but I don’t know how my readers will react to it.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good.  It’s merely an observation, but  I know something will be said. Also, adding to my frustration is the fact that I actually care about what […]