Logitech Webcam is in Order

In order to become a social media expert who specializes in Skype, I’m going to need a webcam.  According to my research, the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 is one of the best.  So, I’m putting this item on my menu of wants. I’m going to need this before the other items.  I’m quickly working on […]

I Want This Voice Recorder!

My list of wants is rapidly growing. I mentioned this on my other Shorty blog last year, and I am saying it again – I WANT THIS VOICE RECORDER!  It is an Olympus DS-61. My current recorder is cool, but it’s time to upgrade. For anyone who is reading this post and actually cares, I […]

Progress Report on Shorty Resource Blog

I have finally started posting on my Shorty Resource Blog. My image is almost done.  The theme is almost done.  I just have to pull it all together, and start spreading the word about my blog really soon. So far, I have info about DuSable Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Chicago […]

Why My Business Plan Didn’t Move Forward

I have great news! I found out why my business plan didn’t move forward in the competition. I am proud to share that it wasn’t because of the writing or the content.  I was told that the financials were outstanding, and the writing was excellent (I wrote it myself. :)). It didn’t move forward because […]

Oh, the Joys of Being Black in Chicago

Yesterday I went to The Paper Source at 919 W. Armitage for workshop.  I got there at 10:15; workshop started at 11:00. First of all, can I just say that I was there from 10:15 until 1:30, and I was the only black person in the entire store.  Period.  If any came in and snuck […]

Prayer Needed

Last night my friend was a victim of home invasion.  She was working when two guys kicked in her front door.  She was home alone; her son was at work.  One of the guys was the father of a young lady he used to date.  In fact, her son saw the dude standing on a […]

My Heart is Broken – Hurricane in Haiti

I need the news people to stop showing images of children from Haiti.  The incident itself is heartbreaking, but to see the babies…Oh my God!  My heart is breaking. You have people over their fighting for their lives, and people in America fighting over dumb, irrelevant stuff. I wondering if seeing this tragedy during these […]

Improv is Good for Me

I attended my first Improv class week, and it was good.  My instructor is crazy in a good way.  I forgot his name, but he’s cool. We did a bunch of exercises to help us get comfortable with each other and to do things that we would not normally do.  For instance, we had make […]

Shorty’s Shopping Excursion

I forgot to relay my shopping experience on Monday.  Although I found some good stuff, it was a touch frustrating.  First of all, a lot of the things I liked were too big.  Someone would love to have that problem; I didn’t. Especially when I needed stuff AND had the money to buy it. I […]