More Blessings are In Store

I attended the orientation for Illinois Worknet to attend classes. All went well, and I’m almost certain that I will be taking web and graphic design classes before the end of January 2010. Also, I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my WordPress Themes. And I know that I could fix it with the right […]

I’m On to Something

I spent two hours on the phone with Dante Hamilton, the leader of the Chicago WordPress Meetup for assistance. During that time, I not only learned that I need to learn more about WordPress, I also learned a way to make money from The Write Design Company – right now. All I have to do […]

I’m About to Shut My Mouth

So, I started working on my confidence by video recording messages to my friends. In the process, I created a message to Tiger Woods requesting an interview. I was trying to make it 12 seconds so it could be my first post on 12 seconds TV. I told someone near to me what I did. […]

Your Stuff is NOT Important to Me

I told someone I would do something for “them”.  No problem.  It’s done.  I get a message back telling me to include additional information.  Now, see, that’s too much.  I did what “they” asked; now “they” want more. I must admit that I really don’t care. I responded by telling “them” to give me what […]