Wishing Everyone a Prosperous 2010

I wish everyone a prosperous 2010.  May all of your goals be met and dreams come true. Allow me to share a few words of wisdom from Three Feet from Gold: Sometimes our greatest achievements and successes are closer than we believe Many receive good advice, yet few profit from it. The most common cause […]

It’s MY Turn to Go!

My neighbor is moving to Florida on January 2, 2010. I just received word that Sporty King is moving to North Carolina in May 2010. That has put fire under my butt to move.  I’m wondering, though, how I can find opportunities that will allow me to write and travel at someone else’s expense.  That […]

I’m in a Lonely Place

This is how I feel as I press forward toward my goal.  There are people at the goal line, and there is assistance; but right now, it’s a little lonely. Don’t get me wrong, there is assistance.  There are people who keep me going with words of encouragement and listening ears, which is great.  But, […]

More Good Stuff Happening

1. Started reading Three Feet From Gold.  Highly  motivational.  One of the main keys to success is not quitting. 2. I shared my research idea with a fellow Toastmaster, and she advised to me look out for research grants. 3. Journalist and blogger, Maureen Jenkins, advised me to scale back on the topics I said […]

The Apple Bug is Upon Me

I don’t know what has come over me these past few months, but I have been bitten by the Apple bug. First, I was fixated on the Apple Mac Book (well, I still am). Now, it’s the IPod touch. What’s wrong with me? I know. It’s time to step up my game in technology. I […]

Progress Report

I am happy to report that my brochures are being shipped by PS Print. I got the size I want, and I’m quite pleased. My comedy writing and Improv classes begin next week. Woo hoo! I signed up for how to Get Paid for Penning Your Two Cents which will teach me how to get […]

This Was So Me

I received this quote today: “We often hesitate to take initiative because we are afraid of responsibility or the consequences of our actions.” I was on hold for the last couple months because of the responsibility that is involved in moving to the next level. Here’s the thing: I can stay still and become frustrated […]

My Little Sister is a Blessing

As much as my little sister irks me sometimes, she is a blessing. She has encouraged me on so many levels. She is my biggest cheerleader on my journey to prosperity. Also, she is probably the most entertaining camera person I have encountered. I thought I was going to need a one of my friends […]