It’s Okay Not to OFFER to help

This past month several people have offered to help me with writing my sponsorship letter to send the letter to potential sponsors to help with my presentation for the Blogging While Brown conference And none of these people have followed through. Am I disappointed? Yes. Did it affect me greatly? No.  In fact, the whole […]

I Am Doing Me

  I posted on my status updates that I was rejected by a publication and I thought that was great news.  My friend asked me if my LinkedIn was personal or professional. I told him professional. He felt that my comment was personal. I disagree. First of all, it shows that I am making efforts […]

Working for FREE is NOT an Option

I went to a professional association meeting last night and saw a leader of another local organization. She told said, “Sometimes you have to work for free…” I so sick of hearing that shit, I don’t know what to do. When I met the leader of that association, he said the same thing. I told […]

Why Am I So Shiny?

This is a rhetorical question because the other alternative is being ashy so I guess I can’t complain. But just looking at this picture, I am pretty shiny. What can be done to handle this?  

Things I Hate

  Right now, I’m in a real pissy mood and I really need to express things that I hate or I’m going to pop. First, I hate it when people want you to respond immediately to their needs but could give a damn about yours. I have a buddy who was supposed to do something […]

You Cannot Have My Time

I have been working on getting my business started for years now. And, although I get support, people really don’t help unless I ask and I don’t feel I should have to do that. Not all the time anyway. Especially when they know what I’m doing. So, this gripe is about people who get involved […]

You Could Have Done It First

I am so tired of hearing people say, “Don’t you wish you had created Facebook?” or “I’m going to create the next Facebook.” Well, I have one thing to say to all of those people: you could have done it first. Everything you see started in the mind. If there is anything you think is […]